Future You Program Cover

The Best Way to Predict the Future Is to Create It Yourself

If you had accurately predicted the future six months ago, where would you be now? What if you could predict every major event in your life, in the economy, in your business or career?

Mark Young's Future You gives you the tools you need to predict – and create – the future you want to live.

Program Introduction

As much as predicting the future sounds like mysticism or the stuff of late night television commercials, many institutions rely on several scientifically grounded techniques and theories to accurately predict the future. The FBI, CIA and the Department of Homeland Security – along with countless top corporations – use proven scientific methods to assess, predict and prevent activities with a 90% success rate.

For the first time, these same methods are now available to you in this groundbreaking program, Mark Young's Future You. Author, lecturer and futurologist Mark Young clearly describes how you can accurately predict your own future, how to design the future you want based on these predictions, and how to live that future now.